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Screw-in hydraulic cylinder double-acting

Screw-in hydraulic cylinder double-acting

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DescriptionProduct description:Cyclic-related, linear strokes are possible with the screw-in cylinders with double-acting function. Both travel directions are power actuated with the double-acting screw-in cylinders. Double-acting screw-in cylinders can be used as thrust or traction cylinders. These screw-in cylinders are often used on fixture plates and plates for plastic injection moulding tools.
The integrated metal wiper prevents damage to the piston rod surface by preventing swarf getting into the screw-in cylinder. The protection given by the seal ensures the longevity of the products.
Material:Housing and piston steel.
Seal NBR
Version:Housing black oxidised.
Piston hardened.
Note:Due to the compact design of these screw-in cylinders, no internal stop for the piston return stroke is installed. It must be ensured that the specified installation depth of the screw-in cylinders is adhered to, as these use the bottom of the mounting hole as a stop for the return stroke.

Care must be taken to ensure that no shavings remain in the drilled holes when producing the drilled channels for the screw-in cylinders. These can damage the seals of the screw-in cylinders, which can lead to leaks in the product.
To avoid damage to the seals during installation, make sure that the lead-in chamfers as well as the transverse holes for the oil supply are well rounded.

Thrust pieces are not supplied.

Follow safety instructions.
Type of operation:Drilled channels.Technical data:Max. operating pressure: 500 bar.Assembly:See mounting contour.On request:Larger piston diameters and longer strokes.Accessory:- Rest pads K0307.
- Self-aligning pads K0282, K0302, K1164, K0287, K0288.
- Gripper screws, hexagonal K0386.
Drawing reference:
1) Mounting contour
2) Retract zylinder
3) Alternative oil supply, extend cylinder
4) Rounded edges, max. R0.5
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1860 Screw-in hydraulic cylinder double-acting 388 kB
 Technical information for hydraulic clamping elements 150 kB


Screw-in hydraulic cylinder double-acting

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Order No.Piston ØtravelConnection
K1860.1616130611616drilled channels2022103,5M30x1,5M6x15565012244124838238 on request
K1860.1632130611632drilled channels2022103,5M30x1,5M6x15726612244124838238 on request
K1860.1650130611650drilled channels2022103,5M30x1,5M6x15908412244124838238 on request
K1860.2016130612016drilled channels2628124,2M36x1,5M8x1657511225432510402810 on request
K1860.2032130612032drilled channels2628124,2M36x1,5M8x1673671225432510402810 on request
K1860.2050130612050drilled channels2628124,2M36x1,5M8x1691851225432510402810 on request
K1860.2520130612520drilled channels3335165,2M42x1,5M10x1763561225432511403013 on request
K1860.2550130612550drilled channels3335165,2M42x1,5M10x1793861225432511403013 on request
K1860.3225130613225drilled channels4345205,2M56x2M12x18746414,528442813414017 on request
K1860.3250130613250drilled channels4345205,2M56x2M12x18998914,528442813414017 on request
K1860.4025130614025drilled channels5355255,2M64x2M16x27786816,530493016465022 on request
K1860.4050130614050drilled channels5355255,2M64x2M16x271039316,530493016465022 on request
Order No.Piston ØCompressive force
at 100 bar
Tractive force
at 100 bar
Compressive force
at 500 bar
Tractive force
at 500 bar
Oil requirement /
10mm travel
Oil requirement /
10mm return stroke
K1860.1616130611621,22106,1021,22 on request
K1860.1632130611621,22106,1021,22 on request
K1860.1650130611621,22106,1021,22 on request
K1860.201613061203,142,0215,70103,142,02 on request
K1860.203213061203,142,0215,70103,142,02 on request
K1860.205013061203,142,0215,70103,142,02 on request
K1860.252013061254,912,924,5014,504,912,90 on request
K1860.255013061254,912,924,5014,504,912,90 on request
K1860.322513061328,044,940,2024,508,044,90 on request
K1860.325013061328,044,940,2024,508,044,90 on request
K1860.4025130614012,577,6662,8038,3012,577,66 on request
K1860.4050130614012,577,6662,8038,3012,577,66 on request
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