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Levelling feet steel or stainless steel Form C

Levelling feet steel or stainless steel Form C

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DescriptionMaterial:Foot plate and threaded spindle steel or stainless steel.
Rubber support (NBR) 80 Shore.
Version:Foot plate, galvanized or polished.
Threaded spindle, galvanized or bright.
Rubber support, vulcanised, black.
Note:Levelling feet steel or stainless steel with pivoting threaded spindle and rubber base. The solid rubber base is permanently vulcanised to the sheet metal plate. The rubber base has an excellent surface grip. It is sound damping and impedes transmission of vibrations and impacts to the floor.

The load values specified in the table are based on a test series, in which a static load was applied perpendicular to the plates through the centre of the spindle. Radially acting forces such as those produced by vibrations or other shaking effects, affect the load rating and are not taken into account for the specified values.

For stainless steel feet from spindle size M16, the wrench sizes apply across two flats.

Supplied with matching nut.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0739_C Levelling feet steel or stainless steel Form C 131 kB


Levelling feet steel or stainless steel Form C

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Order No.Main

D1HH1SWSW1LLoad rating
max. kN
K0739.3105010X50steelC50M101929145504 on request
K0739.3105012X50steelC50M121929146504 on request
K0739.3105012X100steelC50M1219291461004 on request
K0739.3105016X75steelC50M161929168754 on request
K0739.3105016X100steelC50M1619291681004 on request
K0739.3105016X150steelC50M1619291681504 on request
K0739.3106010X50steelC60M102232145507 on request
K0739.3106012X50steelC60M122232146507 on request
K0739.3106012X100steelC60M1222321461007 on request
K0739.3106016X75steelC60M162233168757 on request
K0739.3106016X100steelC60M1622331681007 on request
K0739.3106016X150steelC60M1622331681507 on request
K0739.3108016X100steelC80M16253516810010 on request
K0739.3108016X150steelC80M16253516815010 on request
K0739.3108020X75steelC80M20253620107510 on request
K0739.3110020X100steelC100M202838,5201010015 on request
K0739.3110020X150steelC100M202838,5201015015 on request
K0739.3110024X200steelC100M242838,5241020015 on request
K0739.3112020X100steelC120M203242,5201010030 on request
K0739.3112020X150steelC120M203242,5201015030 on request
K0739.3112020X200steelC120M203242,5201020030 on request
K0739.3112024X100steelC120M243242,5241010030 on request
K0739.3112024X150steelC120M243242,5241015030 on request
K0739.3112024X200steelC120M243242,5241020030 on request
K0739.3112030X100steelC120M303243,5301010030 on request
K0739.3112030X150steelC120M303243,5301015030 on request
K0739.3112030X200steelC120M303243,5301020030 on request
K0739.3205010X50stainless steelC50M101929145504 on request
K0739.3205012X50stainless steelC50M121929146504 on request
K0739.3205012X100stainless steelC50M1219291461004 on request
K0739.3205016X75stainless steelC50M161929168754 on request
K0739.3205016X100stainless steelC50M1619291681004 on request
K0739.3205016X150stainless steelC50M1619291681504 on request
K0739.3205016X200stainless steelC50M1619291682004 on request
K0739.3206010X50stainless steelC60M102232145507 on request
K0739.3206012X50stainless steelC60M122232146507 on request
K0739.3206012X100stainless steelC60M1222321461007 on request
K0739.3206016X75stainless steelC60M162233168757 on request
K0739.3206016X100stainless steelC60M1622331681007 on request
K0739.3206016X150stainless steelC60M1622331681507 on request
K0739.3206016X200stainless steelC60M1622331682007 on request
K0739.3208016X75stainless steelC80M1625351387510 on request
K0739.3208016X100stainless steelC80M16253513810010 on request
K0739.3208016X125stainless steelC80M16253513812510 on request
K0739.3208016X150stainless steelC80M16253513815010 on request
K0739.3208016X175stainless steelC80M16253513817510 on request
K0739.3208020X75stainless steelC80M20253817107510 on request
K0739.3208020X200stainless steelC80M202538171020010 on request
K0739.3210020X150stainless steelC100M203043171015015 on request
K0739.3212020X100stainless steelC120M203243171010030 on request
K0739.3212020X150stainless steelC120M203244171015030 on request
K0739.3212020X200stainless steelC120M203244171020030 on request
K0739.3212024X100stainless steelC120M243245201010030 on request
K0739.3212024X150stainless steelC120M243245201015030 on request
K0739.3212024X200stainless steelC120M243245201020030 on request
K0739.3212030X100stainless steelC120M303247261010030 on request
K0739.3212030X150stainless steelC120M303247261015030 on request
K0739.3212030X200stainless steelC120M303247261020030 on request
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