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DescriptionMaterial:Aluminium EN AW-6060Version:Anodised natural tone or powder-coated black, ruby red RAL 3003 or traffic red RAL 3020.Note:The grip impresses with its solid look combined with its low weight.
Closed design due to rear fastening.
Assembly:When fitting, both screws must be screwed in first before tightening.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0795 Tubular handles compact 108 kB


Tubular handles compact

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Order No.Main
K0795.250083natural anodized25030M865296,41000 on request
K0795.300083natural anodized30030M865346,41000 on request
K0795.400083natural anodized40030M865446,41000 on request
K0795.500083natural anodized50030M865546,41000 on request
K0795.250081black powder-coated25030M865296,41000 on request
K0795.300081black powder-coated30030M865346,41000 on request
K0795.400081black powder-coated40030M865446,41000 on request
K0795.500081black powder-coated50030M865546,41000 on request
K0795.2500827red RAL3003 powder-coated25030M865296,41000 on request
K0795.3000827red RAL3003 powder-coated30030M865346,41000 on request
K0795.4000827red RAL3003 powder-coated40030M865446,41000 on request
K0795.5000827red RAL3003 powder-coated50030M865546,41000 on request
K0795.2500884red RAL 3020 powder-coated25030M865296,41000 on request
K0795.3000884red RAL 3020 powder-coated30030M865346,41000 on request
K0795.4000884red RAL 3020 powder-coated40030M865446,41000 on request
K0795.5000884red RAL 3020 powder-coated50030M865546,41000 on request
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