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DescriptionMaterial:Steel 1.0718
Stainless steel 1.4305
Version:Steel black oxidised, screw steel 12.9.
Stainless steel bright, screw stainless steel A2-70.
Aluminium bright, screw stainless steel A2-70.
Note:One-piece shaft collars surround the shaft with a uniformly distributed clamping force. This leads to a dimensionally precise fit and very high retaining forces without damaging the shaft.

The shaft tolerance should lie within h11.

Form A: Standard shaft collar.
Temperature range:-40 °C to +175 °C.On request:Other dimensions.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0611_A Shaft collars one-piece, Form A 232 kB


Shaft collars one-piece, Form A

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Order No.Main
(DIN 912)
K0611.00401steelA9M3x841620,7 on request
K0611.00501steelA9M3x851620,7 on request
K0611.00601steelA9M3x861620,7 on request
K0611.00801steelA9M3x881822,4 on request
K0611.01001steelA9M3x10102426 on request
K0611.01201steelA11M4x12122831,8 on request
K0611.01501steelA13M5x16153439,4 on request
K0611.01601steelA13M5x16163439,4 on request
K0611.01801steelA13M5x16183641,1 on request
K0611.02001steelA15M6x18204046,4 on request
K0611.02201steelA15M6x18224248,1 on request
K0611.02501steelA15M6x18254550,8 on request
K0611.02801steelA15M6x18284853,7 on request
K0611.03001steelA15M6x18305458,6 on request
K0611.04001steelA15M6x18406065 on request
K0611.05001steelA19M8x25507887 on request
K0611.00402stainless steelA9M3x841620,7 on request
K0611.00502stainless steelA9M3x851620,7 on request
K0611.00602stainless steelA9M3x861620,7 on request
K0611.00802stainless steelA9M3x881822,4 on request
K0611.01002stainless steelA9M3x10102426 on request
K0611.01202stainless steelA11M4x12122831,8 on request
K0611.01502stainless steelA13M5x16153439,4 on request
K0611.01602stainless steelA13M5x16163439,4 on request
K0611.01802stainless steelA13M5x16183641,1 on request
K0611.02002stainless steelA15M6x18204046,4 on request
K0611.02202stainless steelA15M6x18224248,1 on request
K0611.02502stainless steelA15M6x18254550,8 on request
K0611.02802stainless steelA15M6x18284853,7 on request
K0611.03002stainless steelA15M6x18305458,6 on request
K0611.04002stainless steelA15M6x18406065 on request
K0611.05002stainless steelA19M8x25507887 on request
K0611.00403aluminiumA9M3x841620,7 on request
K0611.00503aluminiumA9M3x851620,7 on request
K0611.00603aluminiumA9M3x861620,7 on request
K0611.00803aluminiumA9M3x881822,4 on request
K0611.01003aluminiumA9M3x10102426 on request
K0611.01203aluminiumA11M4x12122831,8 on request
K0611.01503aluminiumA13M5x16153439,4 on request
K0611.01603aluminiumA13M5x16163439,4 on request
K0611.01803aluminiumA13M5x16183641,1 on request
K0611.02003aluminiumA15M6x18204046,4 on request
K0611.02203aluminiumA15M6x18224248,1 on request
K0611.02503aluminiumA15M6x18254550,8 on request
K0611.02803aluminiumA15M6x18284853,7 on request
K0611.03003aluminiumA15M6x18305458,6 on request
K0611.04003aluminiumA15M6x18406065 on request
K0611.05003aluminiumA19M8x25507887 on request

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