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Shoulder screwssimilar to DIN ISO 7379

Shoulder screws similar to DIN ISO 7379

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)Version:Grade 12.9. Shaft OD ground and bright.
Bright stainless steel or tempered steel.
Note:Hexagon socket head shoulder screws are precision construction elements for many applications. As they can simplify complicated constructions, they are frequently chosen as the most cost-effective solution. Shoulder screws provide the decisive rationalising effect required today.
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 Datasheet K0705 Shoulder screwssimilar to DIN ISO 7379 176 kB


Shoulder screwssimilar to DIN ISO 7379

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Order No.Main
K0705.04X06steel4M377326 on request
K0705.04X08steel4M377328 on request
K0705.04X10steel4M3773210 on request
K0705.04X12steel4M3773212 on request
K0705.04X16steel4M3773216 on request
K0705.04X20steel4M3773220 on request
K0705.05X08steel5M49842,58 on request
K0705.05X10steel5M49842,510 on request
K0705.05X16steel5M49842,516 on request
K0705.05X20steel5M49842,520 on request
K0705.05X30steel5M49842,530 on request
K0705.05X40steel5M49842,540 on request
K0705.06X16steel6M5109,54,5316 on request
K0705.06X20steel6M5109,54,5320 on request
K0705.06X25steel6M5109,54,5325 on request
K0705.06X30steel6M5109,54,5330 on request
K0705.06X40steel6M5109,54,5340 on request
K0705.06X50steel6M5109,54,5350 on request
K0705.06X60steel6M5109,54,5360 on request
K0705.08X16steel8M613115,5416 on request
K0705.08X20steel8M613115,5420 on request
K0705.08X25steel8M613115,5425 on request
K0705.08X30steel8M613115,5430 on request
K0705.08X40steel8M613115,5440 on request
K0705.08X50steel8M613115,5450 on request
K0705.08X60steel8M613115,5460 on request
K0705.10X16steel10M816137516 on request
K0705.10X20steel10M816137520 on request
K0705.10X25steel10M816137525 on request
K0705.10X30steel10M816137530 on request
K0705.10X40steel10M816137540 on request
K0705.10X50steel10M816137550 on request
K0705.10X60steel10M816137560 on request
K0705.10X70steel10M816137570 on request
K0705.10X80steel10M816137580 on request
K0705.12X16steel12M1018169616 on request
K0705.12X20steel12M1018169620 on request
K0705.12X25steel12M1018169625 on request
K0705.12X30steel12M1018169630 on request
K0705.12X40steel12M1018169640 on request
K0705.12X50steel12M1018169650 on request
K0705.12X60steel12M1018169660 on request
K0705.12X70steel12M1018169670 on request
K0705.12X80steel12M1018169680 on request
K0705.12X90steel12M1018169690 on request
K0705.12X100steel12M10181696100 on request
K0705.16X30steel16M12241811830 on request
K0705.16X40steel16M12241811840 on request
K0705.16X50steel16M12241811850 on request
K0705.16X60steel16M12241811860 on request
K0705.16X70steel16M12241811870 on request
K0705.16X80steel16M12241811880 on request
K0705.16X90steel16M12241811890 on request
K0705.16X100steel16M122418118100 on request
K0705.16X120steel16M122418118120 on request
K0705.20X30steel20M163022141030 on request
K0705.20X40steel20M163022141040 on request
K0705.20X50steel20M163022141050 on request
K0705.20X60steel20M163022141060 on request
K0705.20X70steel20M163022141070 on request
K0705.20X80steel20M163022141080 on request
K0705.20X90steel20M163022141090 on request
K0705.20X100steel20M1630221410100 on request
K0705.20X120steel20M1630221410120 on request
K0705.104X06stainless steel4M377326 on request
K0705.104X08stainless steel4M377328 on request
K0705.104X10stainless steel4M3773210 on request
K0705.104X16stainless steel4M3773216 on request
K0705.104X20stainless steel4M3773220 on request
K0705.105X08stainless steel5M49842,58 on request
K0705.105X10stainless steel5M49842,510 on request
K0705.105X16stainless steel5M49842,516 on request
K0705.105X20stainless steel5M49842,520 on request
K0705.105X30stainless steel5M49842,530 on request
K0705.105X40stainless steel5M49842,540 on request
K0705.106X16stainless steel6M5109,54,5316 on request
K0705.106X20stainless steel6M5109,54,5320 on request
K0705.106X25stainless steel6M5109,54,5325 on request
K0705.106X30stainless steel6M5109,54,5330 on request
K0705.106X40stainless steel6M5109,54,5340 on request
K0705.106X50stainless steel6M5109,54,5350 on request
K0705.106X60stainless steel6M5109,54,5360 on request
K0705.108X16stainless steel8M613115,5416 on request
K0705.108X20stainless steel8M613115,5420 on request
K0705.108X25stainless steel8M613115,5425 on request
K0705.108X30stainless steel8M613115,5430 on request
K0705.108X40stainless steel8M613115,5440 on request
K0705.108X50stainless steel8M613115,5450 on request
K0705.108X60stainless steel8M613115,5460 on request
K0705.110X16stainless steel10M816137516 on request
K0705.110X20stainless steel10M816137520 on request
K0705.110X25stainless steel10M816137525 on request
K0705.110X30stainless steel10M816137530 on request
K0705.110X40stainless steel10M816137540 on request
K0705.110X50stainless steel10M816137550 on request
K0705.110X60stainless steel10M816137560 on request
K0705.110X70stainless steel10M816137570 on request
K0705.110X80stainless steel10M816137580 on request
K0705.112X16stainless steel12M1018169616 on request
K0705.112X20stainless steel12M1018169620 on request
K0705.112X25stainless steel12M1018169625 on request
K0705.112X30stainless steel12M1018169630 on request
K0705.112X40stainless steel12M1018169640 on request
K0705.112X50stainless steel12M1018169650 on request
K0705.112X60stainless steel12M1018169660 on request
K0705.112X70stainless steel12M1018169670 on request
K0705.112X80stainless steel12M1018169680 on request
K0705.112X90stainless steel12M1018169690 on request
K0705.112X100stainless steel12M10181696100 on request
K0705.116X30stainless steel16M12241811830 on request
K0705.116X40stainless steel16M12241811840 on request
K0705.116X50stainless steel16M12241811850 on request
K0705.116X60stainless steel16M12241811860 on request
K0705.116X70stainless steel16M12241811870 on request
K0705.116X80stainless steel16M12241811880 on request
K0705.116X90stainless steel16M12241811890 on request
K0705.116X100stainless steel16M122418118100 on request
K0705.116X120stainless steel16M122418118120 on request
K0705.120X30stainless steel20M163022141030 on request
K0705.120X40stainless steel20M163022141040 on request
K0705.120X50stainless steel20M163022141050 on request
K0705.120X60stainless steel20M163022141060 on request
K0705.120X70stainless steel20M163022141070 on request
K0705.120X80stainless steel20M163022141080 on request
K0705.120X90stainless steel20M163022141090 on request
K0705.120X100stainless steel20M1630221410100 on request
K0705.120X120stainless steel20M1630221410120 on request

Information about this article

KIPP shoulder screws are universally applicable. As a construction element they are suitable for a wide range of tasks in machine construction. If, for example, the position of workpieces is to be secured relative to one another, the use of shoulder screws is ideal.

In contrast with conventional screws, shoulder screws have a limited play because the diameter of the screw shoulder and the hole are almost identical. This has the advantage that the screw connection is secure and the screw cannot slide back and forth. Shoulder screws count among the most secure and durable screw connections. The most common type in machine construction is shoulder screws with hexagon sockets.

The product range from KIPP offers a range of shoulder screw types. In addition to the »hex head shoulder screws with long screw shank , there are also »shoulder screws similar to ISO 7379 and shoulder screws for the »5-axis UNI lock module system. To fasten the workpiece into position, the shoulder screw is screwed directly into the workpiece and then joined to the basic modules.

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