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Hexagon nuts height 1.5xD, DIN 6330 enhanced

Hexagon nuts height 1.5xD, DIN 6330 enhanced

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DescriptionMaterial:Carbon steel or stainless steel (A2).Version:Steel grade 10, black.
Stainless steel A 2-70, bright.
Note:These hexagon nuts can be used with the conical seats K0729, Form D and G.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0702 Hexagon nuts height 1.5xD, DIN 6330 enhanced 228 kB


Hexagon nuts height 1.5xD, DIN 6330 enhanced

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DH = 1,5 x DD1SWERCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0702.05high carbon steelM57,56,5910,47 on request
K0702.06high carbon steelM6971011,59 on request
K0702.08high carbon steelM8129131511 on request
K0702.10high carbon steelM101511,51618,415 on request
K0702.101high carbon steelM101511,51719,615 on request
K0702.12high carbon steelM1218141820,717 on request
K0702.121high carbon steelM1218141921,917 on request
K0702.14high carbon steelM1421162225,420 on request
K0702.16high carbon steelM1624182427,722 on request
K0702.18high carbon steelM1827202731,224,5 on request
K0702.20high carbon steelM2030223034,627 on request
K0702.22high carbon steelM2233243236,929 on request
K0702.24high carbon steelM2436263641,632 on request
K0702.30high carbon steelM3045324653,141 on request
K0702.36high carbon steelM3654385563,550 on request
K0702.806stainless steelM6971011,59 on request
K0702.808stainless steelM8129131511 on request
K0702.810stainless steelM101511,51618,415 on request
K0702.811stainless steelM101511,51719,615 on request
K0702.812stainless steelM1218141820,717 on request
K0702.816stainless steelM1624182427,722 on request
K0702.820stainless steelM2030223034,627 on request
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