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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)Version:Steel grade 04, galvanized or black oxidised.
Stainless steel A2, bright.
Note:These hexagon nuts are used in screw connections exposed to limited loads, e.g. as a locknut for clevis joints or rod ends.
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 Datasheet K0700 Hexagon nuts thinDIN 439 186 kB


Hexagon nuts thinDIN 439

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Order No.Main
K0700.05steelgalvanisedRH threadM58,792,78 on request
K0700.06steelgalvanisedRH threadM611,053,210 on request
K0700.006steelgalvanisedRH threadM6x0,7511,053,210 on request
K0700.08steelgalvanisedRH threadM814,38413 on request
K0700.008steelgalvanisedRH threadM8x114,38413 on request
K0700.10steelgalvanisedRH threadM1018,9517 on request
K0700.103steelgalvanisedRH threadM10x118,9517 on request
K0700.104steelgalvanisedRH threadM10x1,2518,9517 on request
K0700.12steelgalvanisedRH threadM1221,1619 on request
K0700.123steelgalvanisedRH threadM12x1,2521,1619 on request
K0700.124steelgalvanisedRH threadM12x1,521,1619 on request
K0700.14steelgalvanisedRH threadM1424,49722 on request
K0700.16steelgalvanisedRH threadM1626,76824 on request
K0700.163steelgalvanisedRH threadM16x1,526,76824 on request
K0700.183steelgalvanisedRH threadM18x1,529,56927 on request
K0700.20steelgalvanisedRH threadM2032,951030 on request
K0700.203steelgalvanisedRH threadM20x1,532,951030 on request
K0700.223steelgalvanisedRH threadM22x1,536,91032 on request
K0700.24steelgalvanisedRH threadM2439,551236 on request
K0700.30steelgalvanisedRH threadM3050,851546 on request
K0700.061steelgalvanisedLH threadM611,053,210 on request
K0700.081steelgalvanisedLH threadM814,38413 on request
K0700.101steelgalvanisedLH threadM1018,9517 on request
K0700.1031steelgalvanisedLH threadM10x118,9517 on request
K0700.1041steelgalvanisedLH threadM10x1,2518,9517 on request
K0700.121steelgalvanisedLH threadM1221,1619 on request
K0700.1231steelgalvanisedLH threadM12x1,2521,1619 on request
K0700.1241steelgalvanisedLH threadM12x1,521,1619 on request
K0700.161steelgalvanisedLH threadM1626,76824 on request
K0700.2031steelgalvanisedLH threadM20x1,532,951030 on request
K0700.2231steelgalvanisedLH threadM22x1,536,91032 on request
K0700.105stainless steelbrightRH threadM58,792,78 on request
K0700.106stainless steelbrightRH threadM611,053,210 on request
K0700.1062stainless steelbrightRH threadM6x0,7511,053,210 on request
K0700.108stainless steelbrightRH threadM814,38413 on request
K0700.1083stainless steelbrightRH threadM8x114,38413 on request
K0700.110stainless steelbrightRH threadM1018,9517 on request
K0700.1103stainless steelbrightRH threadM10x118,9517 on request
K0700.1104stainless steelbrightRH threadM10x1,2518,9517 on request
K0700.112stainless steelbrightRH threadM1221,1619 on request
K0700.1123stainless steelbrightRH threadM12x1,2521,1619 on request
K0700.1124stainless steelbrightRH threadM12x1,521,1619 on request
K0700.114stainless steelbrightRH threadM1424,49722 on request
K0700.116stainless steelbrightRH threadM1626,76824 on request
K0700.1163stainless steelbrightRH threadM16x1,526,76824 on request
K0700.120stainless steelbrightRH threadM2032,951030 on request
K0700.1203stainless steelbrightRH threadM20x1,532,951030 on request
K0700.1223stainless steelbrightRH threadM22x1,536,91032 on request
K0700.1244stainless steelbrightRH threadM2439,551236 on request
K0700.1243stainless steelbrightRH threadM24x239,61236 on request
K0700.1061stainless steelbrightLH threadM611,053,210 on request
K0700.1081stainless steelbrightLH threadM814,38413 on request
K0700.1101stainless steelbrightLH threadM1018,9517 on request
K0700.11031stainless steelbrightLH threadM10x118,9517 on request
K0700.11041stainless steelbrightLH threadM10x1,2518,9517 on request
K0700.1121stainless steelbrightLH threadM1221,1619 on request
K0700.11231stainless steelbrightLH threadM12x1,2521,1619 on request
K0700.11241stainless steelbrightLH threadM12x1,521,1619 on request
K0700.1161stainless steelbrightLH threadM1626,76824 on request
K0700.12031stainless steelbrightLH threadM20x1,532,951030 on request
K0700.12231stainless steelbrightLH threadM22x1,536,91032 on request
K0700.205steelblack oxidisedRH threadM58,792,78 on request
K0700.206steelblack oxidisedRH threadM611,053,210 on request
K0700.2063steelblack oxidisedRH threadM6x0,7511,053,210 on request
K0700.208steelblack oxidisedRH threadM814,38413 on request
K0700.2083steelblack oxidisedRH threadM8x114,38413 on request
K0700.210steelblack oxidisedRH threadM1018,9517 on request
K0700.2103steelblack oxidisedRH threadM10x118,9517 on request
K0700.212steelblack oxidisedRH threadM1221,1619 on request
K0700.2124steelblack oxidisedRH threadM12x1,521,1619 on request
K0700.216steelblack oxidisedRH threadM1626,76824 on request
K0700.2163steelblack oxidisedRH threadM16x1,526,76824 on request
K0700.2203steelblack oxidisedRH threadM20x1,532,951030 on request
K0700.2243steelblack oxidisedRH threadM24x239,61236 on request
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