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Star grips with safety cable similar to DIN 6336, external thread, Form LS

Star grips with safety cable similar to DIN 6336, external...

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DescriptionMaterial:Star grip thermoplast, threaded bolt steel.
Safety cable elastic TPU.
Version:Screw galvanized and blue passivated.Note:Δ Add the desired cap colour code here. No colour code is required for black caps.

Attach the safety cable to a base to make the star grip unlosable. The star grip cannot be moved far from the object to which it belongs, simplifying screwing and unscrewing of the grip and ensuring against loss.
Assembly:Do not stretch the band during assembly.
Make sure that the anchor is not too far from where the star grip is to be used.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0155_LS Star grips with safety cable similar to DIN 6336, external thread, Form LS 378 kB


Star grips with safety cable similar to DIN 6336, external thread, Form LS

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Order No.Component
FormD1D6D8H3H4H5 max.LCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0155.705X10blackLS25M5128162210  on request
K0155.7055X10light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162210  on request
K0155.7056X10traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162210  on request
K0155.7057X10rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162210  on request
K0155.705X15blackLS25M5128162215  on request
K0155.7055X15light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162215  on request
K0155.7056X15traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162215  on request
K0155.7057X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162215  on request
K0155.705X20blackLS25M5128162220  on request
K0155.7055X20light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162220  on request
K0155.7056X20traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162220  on request
K0155.7057X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162220  on request
K0155.705X25blackLS25M5128162225  on request
K0155.7055X25light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162225  on request
K0155.7056X25traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162225  on request
K0155.7057X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162225  on request
K0155.705X30blackLS25M5128162230  on request
K0155.7055X30light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162230  on request
K0155.7056X30traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162230  on request
K0155.7057X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162230  on request
K0155.705X35blackLS25M5128162235  on request
K0155.7055X35light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162235  on request
K0155.7056X35traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162235  on request
K0155.7057X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162235  on request
K0155.705X40blackLS25M5128162240  on request
K0155.7055X40light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162240  on request
K0155.7056X40traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162240  on request
K0155.7057X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162240  on request
K0155.705X45blackLS25M5128162245  on request
K0155.7055X45light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162245  on request
K0155.7056X45traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162245  on request
K0155.7057X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162245  on request
K0155.705X50blackLS25M5128162250  on request
K0155.7055X50light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162250  on request
K0155.7056X50traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162250  on request
K0155.7057X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162250  on request
K0155.705X60blackLS25M5128162260  on request
K0155.7055X60light grey RAL 7035LS25M5128162260  on request
K0155.7056X60traffic red RAL 3020LS25M5128162260  on request
K0155.7057X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M5128162260  on request
K0155.706X10blackLS25M6128162210  on request
K0155.7065X10light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162210  on request
K0155.7066X10traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162210  on request
K0155.7067X10rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162210  on request
K0155.706X15blackLS25M6128162215  on request
K0155.7065X15light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162215  on request
K0155.7066X15traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162215  on request
K0155.7067X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162215  on request
K0155.706X20blackLS25M6128162220  on request
K0155.7065X20light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162220  on request
K0155.7066X20traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162220  on request
K0155.7067X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162220  on request
K0155.706X25blackLS25M6128162225  on request
K0155.7065X25light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162225  on request
K0155.7066X25traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162225  on request
K0155.7067X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162225  on request
K0155.706X30blackLS25M6128162230  on request
K0155.7065X30light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162230  on request
K0155.7066X30traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162230  on request
K0155.7067X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162230  on request
K0155.706X35blackLS25M6128162235  on request
K0155.7065X35light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162235  on request
K0155.7066X35traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162235  on request
K0155.7067X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162235  on request
K0155.706X40blackLS25M6128162240  on request
K0155.7065X40light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162240  on request
K0155.7066X40traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162240  on request
K0155.7067X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162240  on request
K0155.706X45blackLS25M6128162245  on request
K0155.7065X45light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162245  on request
K0155.7066X45traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162245  on request
K0155.7067X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162245  on request
K0155.706X50blackLS25M6128162250  on request
K0155.7065X50light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162250  on request
K0155.7066X50traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162250  on request
K0155.7067X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162250  on request
K0155.706X60blackLS25M6128162260  on request
K0155.7065X60light grey RAL 7035LS25M6128162260  on request
K0155.7066X60traffic red RAL 3020LS25M6128162260  on request
K0155.7067X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS25M6128162260  on request
K0155.7061X10blackLS32M61410202610  on request
K0155.70615X10light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202610  on request
K0155.70616X10traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202610  on request
K0155.70617X10rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202610  on request
K0155.7061X15blackLS32M61410202615  on request
K0155.70615X15light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202615  on request
K0155.70616X15traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202615  on request
K0155.70617X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202615  on request
K0155.7061X20blackLS32M61410202620  on request
K0155.70615X20light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202620  on request
K0155.70616X20traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202620  on request
K0155.70617X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202620  on request
K0155.7061X25blackLS32M61410202625  on request
K0155.70615X25light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202625  on request
K0155.70616X25traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202625  on request
K0155.70617X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202625  on request
K0155.7061X30blackLS32M61410202630  on request
K0155.70615X30light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202630  on request
K0155.70616X30traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202630  on request
K0155.70617X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202630  on request
K0155.7061X35blackLS32M61410202635  on request
K0155.70615X35light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202635  on request
K0155.70616X35traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202635  on request
K0155.70617X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202635  on request
K0155.7061X40blackLS32M61410202640  on request
K0155.70615X40light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202640  on request
K0155.70616X40traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202640  on request
K0155.70617X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202640  on request
K0155.7061X45blackLS32M61410202645  on request
K0155.70615X45light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202645  on request
K0155.70616X45traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202645  on request
K0155.70617X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202645  on request
K0155.7061X50blackLS32M61410202650  on request
K0155.70615X50light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202650  on request
K0155.70616X50traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202650  on request
K0155.70617X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202650  on request
K0155.7061X60blackLS32M61410202660  on request
K0155.70615X60light grey RAL 7035LS32M61410202660  on request
K0155.70616X60traffic red RAL 3020LS32M61410202660  on request
K0155.70617X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M61410202660  on request
K0155.708X15blackLS32M81410202615  on request
K0155.7085X15light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202615  on request
K0155.7086X15traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202615  on request
K0155.7087X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202615  on request
K0155.708X20blackLS32M81410202620  on request
K0155.7085X20light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202620  on request
K0155.7086X20traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202620  on request
K0155.7087X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202620  on request
K0155.708X25blackLS32M81410202625  on request
K0155.7085X25light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202625  on request
K0155.7086X25traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202625  on request
K0155.7087X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202625  on request
K0155.708X30blackLS32M81410202630  on request
K0155.7085X30light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202630  on request
K0155.7086X30traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202630  on request
K0155.7087X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202630  on request
K0155.708X35blackLS32M81410202635  on request
K0155.7085X35light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202635  on request
K0155.7086X35traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202635  on request
K0155.7087X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202635  on request
K0155.708X40blackLS32M81410202640  on request
K0155.7085X40light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202640  on request
K0155.7086X40traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202640  on request
K0155.7087X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202640  on request
K0155.708X45blackLS32M81410202645  on request
K0155.7085X45light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202645  on request
K0155.7086X45traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202645  on request
K0155.7087X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202645  on request
K0155.708X50blackLS32M81410202650  on request
K0155.7085X50light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202650  on request
K0155.7086X50traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202650  on request
K0155.7087X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202650  on request
K0155.708X60blackLS32M81410202660  on request
K0155.7085X60light grey RAL 7035LS32M81410202660  on request
K0155.7086X60traffic red RAL 3020LS32M81410202660  on request
K0155.7087X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS32M81410202660  on request
K0155.7081X15blackLS40M81813253115  on request
K0155.70815X15light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253115  on request
K0155.70816X15traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253115  on request
K0155.70817X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253115  on request
K0155.7081X20blackLS40M81813253120  on request
K0155.70815X20light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253120  on request
K0155.70816X20traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253120  on request
K0155.70817X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253120  on request
K0155.7081X25blackLS40M81813253125  on request
K0155.70815X25light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253125  on request
K0155.70816X25traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253125  on request
K0155.70817X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253125  on request
K0155.7081X30blackLS40M81813253130  on request
K0155.70815X30light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253130  on request
K0155.70816X30traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253130  on request
K0155.70817X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253130  on request
K0155.7081X35blackLS40M81813253135  on request
K0155.70815X35light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253135  on request
K0155.70816X35traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253135  on request
K0155.70817X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253135  on request
K0155.7081X40blackLS40M81813253140  on request
K0155.70815X40light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253140  on request
K0155.70816X40traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253140  on request
K0155.70817X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253140  on request
K0155.7081X45blackLS40M81813253145  on request
K0155.70815X45light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253145  on request
K0155.70816X45traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253145  on request
K0155.70817X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253145  on request
K0155.7081X50blackLS40M81813253150  on request
K0155.70815X50light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253150  on request
K0155.70816X50traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253150  on request
K0155.70817X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253150  on request
K0155.7081X60blackLS40M81813253160  on request
K0155.70815X60light grey RAL 7035LS40M81813253160  on request
K0155.70816X60traffic red RAL 3020LS40M81813253160  on request
K0155.70817X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M81813253160  on request
K0155.710X15blackLS40M101813253115  on request
K0155.7105X15light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253115  on request
K0155.7106X15traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253115  on request
K0155.7107X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253115  on request
K0155.710X20blackLS40M101813253120  on request
K0155.7105X20light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253120  on request
K0155.7106X20traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253120  on request
K0155.7107X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253120  on request
K0155.710X25blackLS40M101813253125  on request
K0155.7105X25light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253125  on request
K0155.7106X25traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253125  on request
K0155.7107X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253125  on request
K0155.710X30blackLS40M101813253130  on request
K0155.7105X30light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253130  on request
K0155.7106X30traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253130  on request
K0155.7107X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253130  on request
K0155.710X35blackLS40M101813253135  on request
K0155.7105X35light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253135  on request
K0155.7106X35traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253135  on request
K0155.7107X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253135  on request
K0155.710X40blackLS40M101813253140  on request
K0155.7105X40light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253140  on request
K0155.7106X40traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253140  on request
K0155.7107X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253140  on request
K0155.710X45blackLS40M101813253145  on request
K0155.7105X45light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253145  on request
K0155.7106X45traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253145  on request
K0155.7107X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253145  on request
K0155.710X50blackLS40M101813253150  on request
K0155.7105X50light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253150  on request
K0155.7106X50traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253150  on request
K0155.7107X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253150  on request
K0155.710X60blackLS40M101813253160  on request
K0155.7105X60light grey RAL 7035LS40M101813253160  on request
K0155.7106X60traffic red RAL 3020LS40M101813253160  on request
K0155.7107X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS40M101813253160  on request
K0155.7101X15blackLS50M102217323815  on request
K0155.71015X15light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323815  on request
K0155.71016X15traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323815  on request
K0155.71017X15rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323815  on request
K0155.7101X20blackLS50M102217323820  on request
K0155.71015X20light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323820  on request
K0155.71016X20traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323820  on request
K0155.71017X20rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323820  on request
K0155.7101X25blackLS50M102217323825  on request
K0155.71015X25light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323825  on request
K0155.71016X25traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323825  on request
K0155.71017X25rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323825  on request
K0155.7101X30blackLS50M102217323830  on request
K0155.71015X30light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323830  on request
K0155.71016X30traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323830  on request
K0155.71017X30rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323830  on request
K0155.7101X35blackLS50M102217323835  on request
K0155.71015X35light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323835  on request
K0155.71016X35traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323835  on request
K0155.71017X35rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323835  on request
K0155.7101X40blackLS50M102217323840  on request
K0155.71015X40light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323840  on request
K0155.71016X40traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323840  on request
K0155.71017X40rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323840  on request
K0155.7101X45blackLS50M102217323845  on request
K0155.71015X45light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323845  on request
K0155.71016X45traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323845  on request
K0155.71017X45rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323845  on request
K0155.7101X50blackLS50M102217323850  on request
K0155.71015X50light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323850  on request
K0155.71016X50traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323850  on request
K0155.71017X50rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323850  on request
K0155.7101X60blackLS50M102217323860  on request
K0155.71015X60light grey RAL 7035LS50M102217323860  on request
K0155.71016X60traffic red RAL 3020LS50M102217323860  on request
K0155.71017X60rape yellow RAL 1021LS50M102217323860  on request
K0155.712X15blackLS50M122217323815  on request
K0155.7125X15light grey RAL 7035LS50M122217323815  on request
K0155.7126X15traffic red RAL 3020LS50M122217323815  on request