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Star grips similar to DIN 6336 with external thread, Form L

Star grips similar to DIN 6336 with external thread, Form L

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DescriptionMaterial:Black thermoplastic, threaded bolt in steelVersion:Screw trivalent blue passivated.On request:Other colours or designs, such as company logo.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0155_L Star grips similar to DIN 6336 with external thread, Form L 206 kB


Star grips similar to DIN 6336 with external thread, Form L

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Order No.FormColour
K0155.405X10Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216810 on request
K0155.4055X10Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216810 on request
K0155.4056X10Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216810 on request
K0155.4057X10Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216810 on request
K0155.405X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216815 on request
K0155.4055X15Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216815 on request
K0155.4056X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216815 on request
K0155.4057X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216815 on request
K0155.405X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216820 on request
K0155.4055X20Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216820 on request
K0155.4056X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216820 on request
K0155.4057X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216820 on request
K0155.405X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216825 on request
K0155.4055X25Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216825 on request
K0155.4056X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216825 on request
K0155.4057X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216825 on request
K0155.405X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216830 on request
K0155.4055X30Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216830 on request
K0155.4056X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216830 on request
K0155.4057X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216830 on request
K0155.405X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216835 on request
K0155.4055X35Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216835 on request
K0155.4056X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216835 on request
K0155.4057X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216835 on request
K0155.405X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216840 on request
K0155.4055X40Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216840 on request
K0155.4056X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216840 on request
K0155.4057X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216840 on request
K0155.405X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216845 on request
K0155.4055X45Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216845 on request
K0155.4056X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216845 on request
K0155.4057X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216845 on request
K0155.405X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216850 on request
K0155.4055X50Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216850 on request
K0155.4056X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216850 on request
K0155.4057X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216850 on request
K0155.405X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M5251216860 on request
K0155.4055X60Llight grey RAL 7035M5251216860 on request
K0155.4056X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M5251216860 on request
K0155.4057X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M5251216860 on request
K0155.406X10Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216810 on request
K0155.4065X10Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216810 on request
K0155.4066X10Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216810 on request
K0155.4067X10Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216810 on request
K0155.406X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216815 on request
K0155.4065X15Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216815 on request
K0155.4066X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216815 on request
K0155.4067X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216815 on request
K0155.406X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216820 on request
K0155.4065X20Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216820 on request
K0155.4066X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216820 on request
K0155.4067X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216820 on request
K0155.406X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216825 on request
K0155.4065X25Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216825 on request
K0155.4066X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216825 on request
K0155.4067X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216825 on request
K0155.406X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216830 on request
K0155.4065X30Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216830 on request
K0155.4066X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216830 on request
K0155.4067X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216830 on request
K0155.406X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216835 on request
K0155.4065X35Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216835 on request
K0155.4066X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216835 on request
K0155.4067X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216835 on request
K0155.406X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216840 on request
K0155.4065X40Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216840 on request
K0155.4066X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216840 on request
K0155.4067X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216840 on request
K0155.406X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216845 on request
K0155.4065X45Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216845 on request
K0155.4066X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216845 on request
K0155.4067X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216845 on request
K0155.406X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216850 on request
K0155.4065X50Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216850 on request
K0155.4066X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216850 on request
K0155.4067X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216850 on request
K0155.406X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M6251216860 on request
K0155.4065X60Llight grey RAL 7035M6251216860 on request
K0155.4066X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M6251216860 on request
K0155.4067X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M6251216860 on request
K0155.4061X10Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201010 on request
K0155.40615X10Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201010 on request
K0155.40616X10Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201010 on request
K0155.40617X10Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201010 on request
K0155.4061X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201015 on request
K0155.40615X15Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201015 on request
K0155.40616X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201015 on request
K0155.40617X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201015 on request
K0155.4061X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201020 on request
K0155.40615X20Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201020 on request
K0155.40616X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201020 on request
K0155.40617X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201020 on request
K0155.4061X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201025 on request
K0155.40615X25Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201025 on request
K0155.40616X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201025 on request
K0155.40617X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201025 on request
K0155.4061X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201030 on request
K0155.40615X30Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201030 on request
K0155.40616X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201030 on request
K0155.40617X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201030 on request
K0155.4061X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201035 on request
K0155.40615X35Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201035 on request
K0155.40616X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201035 on request
K0155.40617X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201035 on request
K0155.4061X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201040 on request
K0155.40615X40Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201040 on request
K0155.40616X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201040 on request
K0155.40617X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201040 on request
K0155.4061X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201045 on request
K0155.40615X45Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201045 on request
K0155.40616X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201045 on request
K0155.40617X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201045 on request
K0155.4061X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201050 on request
K0155.40615X50Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201050 on request
K0155.40616X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201050 on request
K0155.40617X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201050 on request
K0155.4061X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M63214201060 on request
K0155.40615X60Llight grey RAL 7035M63214201060 on request
K0155.40616X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M63214201060 on request
K0155.40617X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M63214201060 on request
K0155.408X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201015 on request
K0155.4085X15Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201015 on request
K0155.4086X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201015 on request
K0155.4087X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201015 on request
K0155.408X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201020 on request
K0155.4085X20Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201020 on request
K0155.4086X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201020 on request
K0155.4087X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201020 on request
K0155.408X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201025 on request
K0155.4085X25Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201025 on request
K0155.4086X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201025 on request
K0155.4087X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201025 on request
K0155.408X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201030 on request
K0155.4085X30Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201030 on request
K0155.4086X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201030 on request
K0155.4087X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201030 on request
K0155.408X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201035 on request
K0155.4085X35Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201035 on request
K0155.4086X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201035 on request
K0155.4087X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201035 on request
K0155.408X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201040 on request
K0155.4085X40Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201040 on request
K0155.4086X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201040 on request
K0155.4087X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201040 on request
K0155.408X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201045 on request
K0155.4085X45Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201045 on request
K0155.4086X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201045 on request
K0155.4087X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201045 on request
K0155.408X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201050 on request
K0155.4085X50Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201050 on request
K0155.4086X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201050 on request
K0155.4087X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201050 on request
K0155.408X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M83214201060 on request
K0155.4085X60Llight grey RAL 7035M83214201060 on request
K0155.4086X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M83214201060 on request
K0155.4087X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M83214201060 on request
K0155.4081X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251315 on request
K0155.40815X15Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251315 on request
K0155.40816X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251315 on request
K0155.40817X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251315 on request
K0155.4081X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251320 on request
K0155.40815X20Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251320 on request
K0155.40816X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251320 on request
K0155.40817X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251320 on request
K0155.4081X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251325 on request
K0155.40815X25Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251325 on request
K0155.40816X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251325 on request
K0155.40817X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251325 on request
K0155.4081X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251330 on request
K0155.40815X30Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251330 on request
K0155.40816X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251330 on request
K0155.40817X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251330 on request
K0155.4081X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251335 on request
K0155.40815X35Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251335 on request
K0155.40816X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251335 on request
K0155.40817X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251335 on request
K0155.4081X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251340 on request
K0155.40815X40Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251340 on request
K0155.40816X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251340 on request
K0155.40817X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251340 on request
K0155.4081X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251345 on request
K0155.40815X45Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251345 on request
K0155.40816X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251345 on request
K0155.40817X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251345 on request
K0155.4081X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251350 on request
K0155.40815X50Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251350 on request
K0155.40816X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251350 on request
K0155.40817X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251350 on request
K0155.4081X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M84018251360 on request
K0155.40815X60Llight grey RAL 7035M84018251360 on request
K0155.40816X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M84018251360 on request
K0155.40817X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M84018251360 on request
K0155.410X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251315 on request
K0155.4105X15Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251315 on request
K0155.4106X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251315 on request
K0155.4107X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251315 on request
K0155.410X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251320 on request
K0155.4105X20Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251320 on request
K0155.4106X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251320 on request
K0155.4107X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251320 on request
K0155.410X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251325 on request
K0155.4105X25Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251325 on request
K0155.4106X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251325 on request
K0155.4107X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251325 on request
K0155.410X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251330 on request
K0155.4105X30Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251330 on request
K0155.4106X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251330 on request
K0155.4107X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251330 on request
K0155.410X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251335 on request
K0155.4105X35Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251335 on request
K0155.4106X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251335 on request
K0155.4107X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251335 on request
K0155.410X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251340 on request
K0155.4105X40Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251340 on request
K0155.4106X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251340 on request
K0155.4107X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251340 on request
K0155.410X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251345 on request
K0155.4105X45Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251345 on request
K0155.4106X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251345 on request
K0155.4107X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251345 on request
K0155.410X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251350 on request
K0155.4105X50Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251350 on request
K0155.4106X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251350 on request
K0155.4107X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251350 on request
K0155.410X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M104018251360 on request
K0155.4105X60Llight grey RAL 7035M104018251360 on request
K0155.4106X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M104018251360 on request
K0155.4107X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M104018251360 on request
K0155.4101X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321715 on request
K0155.41015X15Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321715 on request
K0155.41016X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321715 on request
K0155.41017X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321715 on request
K0155.4101X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321720 on request
K0155.41015X20Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321720 on request
K0155.41016X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321720 on request
K0155.41017X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321720 on request
K0155.4101X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321725 on request
K0155.41015X25Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321725 on request
K0155.41016X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321725 on request
K0155.41017X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321725 on request
K0155.4101X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321730 on request
K0155.41015X30Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321730 on request
K0155.41016X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321730 on request
K0155.41017X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321730 on request
K0155.4101X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321735 on request
K0155.41015X35Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321735 on request
K0155.41016X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321735 on request
K0155.41017X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321735 on request
K0155.4101X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321740 on request
K0155.41015X40Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321740 on request
K0155.41016X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321740 on request
K0155.41017X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321740 on request
K0155.4101X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321745 on request
K0155.41015X45Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321745 on request
K0155.41016X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321745 on request
K0155.41017X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321745 on request
K0155.4101X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321750 on request
K0155.41015X50Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321750 on request
K0155.41016X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321750 on request
K0155.41017X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321750 on request
K0155.4101X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M105022321760 on request
K0155.41015X60Llight grey RAL 7035M105022321760 on request
K0155.41016X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M105022321760 on request
K0155.41017X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M105022321760 on request
K0155.412X15Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321715 on request
K0155.4125X15Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321715 on request
K0155.4126X15Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321715 on request
K0155.4127X15Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321715 on request
K0155.412X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321720 on request
K0155.4125X20Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321720 on request
K0155.4126X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321720 on request
K0155.4127X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321720 on request
K0155.412X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321725 on request
K0155.4125X25Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321725 on request
K0155.4126X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321725 on request
K0155.4127X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321725 on request
K0155.412X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321730 on request
K0155.4125X30Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321730 on request
K0155.4126X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321730 on request
K0155.4127X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321730 on request
K0155.412X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321735 on request
K0155.4125X35Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321735 on request
K0155.4126X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321735 on request
K0155.4127X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321735 on request
K0155.412X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321740 on request
K0155.4125X40Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321740 on request
K0155.4126X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321740 on request
K0155.4127X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321740 on request
K0155.412X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321745 on request
K0155.4125X45Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321745 on request
K0155.4126X45Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321745 on request
K0155.4127X45Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321745 on request
K0155.412X50Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321750 on request
K0155.4125X50Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321750 on request
K0155.4126X50Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321750 on request
K0155.4127X50Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321750 on request
K0155.412X60Lblack grey RAL 7021M125022321760 on request
K0155.4125X60Llight grey RAL 7035M125022321760 on request
K0155.4126X60Ltraffic red RAL 3020M125022321760 on request
K0155.4127X60Lrape yellow RAL 1021M125022321760 on request
K0155.4102X20Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402120 on request
K0155.41025X20Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402120 on request
K0155.41026X20Ltraffic red RAL 3020M106326402120 on request
K0155.41027X20Lrape yellow RAL 1021M106326402120 on request
K0155.4102X25Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402125 on request
K0155.41025X25Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402125 on request
K0155.41026X25Ltraffic red RAL 3020M106326402125 on request
K0155.41027X25Lrape yellow RAL 1021M106326402125 on request
K0155.4102X30Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402130 on request
K0155.41025X30Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402130 on request
K0155.41026X30Ltraffic red RAL 3020M106326402130 on request
K0155.41027X30Lrape yellow RAL 1021M106326402130 on request
K0155.4102X35Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402135 on request
K0155.41025X35Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402135 on request
K0155.41026X35Ltraffic red RAL 3020M106326402135 on request
K0155.41027X35Lrape yellow RAL 1021M106326402135 on request
K0155.4102X40Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402140 on request
K0155.41025X40Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402140 on request
K0155.41026X40Ltraffic red RAL 3020M106326402140 on request
K0155.41027X40Lrape yellow RAL 1021M106326402140 on request
K0155.4102X45Lblack grey RAL 7021M106326402145 on request
K0155.41025X45Llight grey RAL 7035M106326402145