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Socket head screws DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762

Socket head screws DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)Version:Steel grade 8.8, black.
Stainless steel A 2-70, bright.
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 Datasheet K0869 Socket head screws DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 220 kB


Socket head screws DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762

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Order No.Material


K0869.04X10steelM41020743 on request
K0869.04X12steelM41220743 on request
K0869.04X16steelM41620743 on request
K0869.04X18steelM41820743 on request
K0869.04X20steelM42020743 on request
K0869.04X25steelM42520743 on request
K0869.05X10steelM510228,554 on request
K0869.05X12steelM512228,554 on request
K0869.05X16steelM516228,554 on request
K0869.05X18steelM518228,554 on request
K0869.05X20steelM520228,554 on request
K0869.05X25steelM525228,554 on request
K0869.05X30steelM530228,554 on request
K0869.05X40steelM540228,554 on request
K0869.06X10steelM610241065 on request
K0869.06X12steelM612241065 on request
K0869.06X16steelM616241065 on request
K0869.06X18steelM618241065 on request
K0869.06X20steelM620241065 on request
K0869.06X25steelM625241065 on request
K0869.06X30steelM630241065 on request
K0869.06X35steelM635241065 on request
K0869.06X40steelM640241065 on request
K0869.06X45steelM645241065 on request
K0869.06X50steelM650241065 on request
K0869.06X55steelM655241065 on request
K0869.06X60steelM660241065 on request
K0869.08X16steelM816281386 on request
K0869.08X18steelM818281386 on request
K0869.08X20steelM820281386 on request
K0869.08X25steelM825281386 on request
K0869.08X30steelM830281386 on request
K0869.08X35steelM835281386 on request
K0869.08X40steelM840281386 on request
K0869.08X45steelM845281386 on request
K0869.08X50steelM850281386 on request
K0869.08X60steelM860281386 on request
K0869.08X70steelM870281386 on request
K0869.08X80steelM880281386 on request
K0869.10X16steelM10163216108 on request
K0869.10X18steelM10183216108 on request
K0869.10X20steelM10203216108 on request
K0869.10X25steelM10253216108 on request
K0869.10X30steelM10303216108 on request
K0869.10X35steelM10353216108 on request
K0869.10X40steelM10403216108 on request
K0869.10X45steelM10453216108 on request
K0869.10X50steelM10503216108 on request
K0869.10X60steelM10603216108 on request
K0869.10X70steelM10703216108 on request
K0869.10X80steelM10803216108 on request
K0869.10X90steelM10903216108 on request
K0869.10X100steelM101003216108 on request
K0869.12X20steelM122036181210 on request
K0869.12X25steelM122536181210 on request
K0869.12X30steelM123036181210 on request
K0869.12X35steelM123536181210 on request
K0869.12X40steelM124036181210 on request
K0869.12X45steelM124536181210 on request
K0869.12X50steelM125036181210 on request
K0869.12X60steelM126036181210 on request
K0869.12X70steelM127036181210 on request
K0869.12X80steelM128036181210 on request
K0869.12X90steelM129036181210 on request
K0869.12X100steelM1210036181210 on request
K0869.12X110steelM1211036181210 on request
K0869.12X120steelM1212036181210 on request
K0869.14X50steelM145040211412 on request
K0869.14X80steelM148040211412 on request
K0869.14X120steelM1412040211412 on request
K0869.16X30steelM163044241614 on request
K0869.16X35steelM163544241614 on request
K0869.16X40steelM164044241614 on request
K0869.16X45steelM164544241614 on request
K0869.16X50steelM165044241614 on request
K0869.16X60steelM166044241614 on request
K0869.16X70steelM167044241614 on request
K0869.16X80steelM168044241614 on request
K0869.16X90steelM169044241614 on request
K0869.16X100steelM1610044241614 on request
K0869.16X110steelM1611044241614 on request
K0869.16X120steelM1612044241614 on request
K0869.20X40steelM204052302017 on request
K0869.20X45steelM204552302017 on request
K0869.20X50steelM205052302017 on request
K0869.20X60steelM206052302017 on request
K0869.20X70steelM207052302017 on request
K0869.20X80steelM208052302017 on request
K0869.20X90steelM209052302017 on request
K0869.20X100steelM2010052302017 on request
K0869.20X110steelM2011052302017 on request
K0869.20X120steelM2012052302017 on request
K0869.104X10stainless steelM41020743 on request
K0869.104X12stainless steelM41220743 on request
K0869.104X16stainless steelM41620743 on request
K0869.104X18stainless steelM41820743 on request
K0869.104X20stainless steelM42020743 on request
K0869.104X25stainless steelM42520743 on request
K0869.105X10stainless steelM510228,554 on request
K0869.105X12stainless steelM512228,554 on request
K0869.105X16stainless steelM516228,554 on request
K0869.105X18stainless steelM518228,554 on request
K0869.105X20stainless steelM520228,554 on request
K0869.105X25stainless steelM525228,554 on request
K0869.105X30stainless steelM530228,554 on request
K0869.105X40stainless steelM540228,554 on request
K0869.106X10stainless steelM610241065 on request
K0869.106X12stainless steelM612241065 on request
K0869.106X16stainless steelM616241065 on request
K0869.106X18stainless steelM618241065 on request
K0869.106X20stainless steelM620241065 on request
K0869.106X25stainless steelM625241065 on request
K0869.106X30stainless steelM630241065 on request
K0869.106X35stainless steelM635241065 on request
K0869.106X40stainless steelM640241065 on request
K0869.106X45stainless steelM645241065 on request
K0869.106X50stainless steelM650241065 on request
K0869.106X55stainless steelM655241065 on request
K0869.106X60stainless steelM660241065 on request
K0869.108X16stainless steelM816281386 on request
K0869.108X18stainless steelM818281386 on request
K0869.108X20stainless steelM820281386 on request
K0869.108X25stainless steelM825281386 on request
K0869.108X30stainless steelM830281386 on request
K0869.108X35stainless steelM835281386 on request
K0869.108X40stainless steelM840281386 on request
K0869.108X45stainless steelM845281386 on request
K0869.108X50stainless steelM850281386 on request
K0869.108X60stainless steelM860281386 on request
K0869.108X70stainless steelM870281386 on request
K0869.108X80stainless steelM880281386 on request
K0869.110X16stainless steelM10163216108 on request
K0869.110X18stainless steelM10183216108 on request
K0869.110X20stainless steelM10203216108 on request
K0869.110X25stainless steelM10253216108 on request
K0869.110X30stainless steelM10303216108 on request
K0869.110X35stainless steelM10353216108 on request
K0869.110X40stainless steelM10403216108 on request
K0869.110X45stainless steelM10453216108 on request
K0869.110X50stainless steelM10503216108 on request
K0869.110X60stainless steelM10603216108 on request
K0869.110X70stainless steelM10703216108 on request
K0869.110X80stainless steelM10803216108 on request
K0869.110X90stainless steelM10903216108 on request
K0869.110X100stainless steelM101003216108 on request
K0869.112X20stainless steelM122036181210 on request
K0869.112X25stainless steelM122536181210 on request
K0869.112X30stainless steelM123036181210 on request
K0869.112X35stainless steelM123536181210 on request
K0869.112X40stainless steelM124036181210 on request
K0869.112X45stainless steelM124536181210 on request
K0869.112X50stainless steelM125036181210 on request
K0869.112X60stainless steelM126036181210 on request
K0869.112X70stainless steelM127036181210 on request
K0869.112X80stainless steelM128036181210 on request
K0869.112X90stainless steelM129036181210 on request
K0869.112X100stainless steelM1210036181210 on request
K0869.112X110stainless steelM1211036181210 on request
K0869.112X120stainless steelM1212036181210 on request

Information about this article

DIN 912 / EN ISO 4762 socket head screws are ideal for highly stressed fastenings which, due to design are difficult to access. Hexagon head screws are screwed in using a spanner. The raised head allows the socket head screw to be tightened or adjusted through a hole from the top using a suitable hex key (Allen key), which is not possible using a spanner due to the lack of space.

The DIN 912 / EN ISO 4762 standard is amongst the most common socket head screw types in machine construction. HEINRICH KIPP WERK offers hexagon head screws in steel and stainless-steel.

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