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Levelling feet without hole

Levelling feet without hole

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DescriptionMaterial:Foot plate and threaded spindle in steel.Version:Foot plate and threaded spindle electro zinc-plated.Note:The threaded spindle is pressed into the rotatable base.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0678_OB Levelling feet without hole 135 kB


Levelling feet without hole

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Order No.VersionDD1HH1LSWCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0678.03008X016without hole30M811271613 on request
K0678.03008X020without hole30M811312013 on request
K0678.03008X030without hole30M811413013 on request
K0678.03008X040without hole30M811514013 on request
K0678.03008X050without hole30M811615013 on request
K0678.03010X016without hole30M1012,528,51617 on request
K0678.03010X020without hole30M1012,532,52017 on request
K0678.03010X030without hole30M1012,542,53017 on request
K0678.03010X040without hole30M1012,552,54017 on request
K0678.03010X050without hole30M1012,562,55017 on request
K0678.03010X060without hole30M1012,572,56017 on request
K0678.04008X016without hole40M811271613 on request
K0678.04008X020without hole40M811312013 on request
K0678.04008X030without hole40M811413013 on request
K0678.04008X040without hole40M811514013 on request
K0678.04008X050without hole40M811615013 on request
K0678.04010X016without hole40M1011271617 on request
K0678.04010X020without hole40M1011312017 on request
K0678.04010X030without hole40M1011413017 on request
K0678.04010X040without hole40M1011514017 on request
K0678.04010X050without hole40M1011615017 on request
K0678.04010X060without hole40M1011716017 on request
K0678.05008X016without hole50M812,528,51613 on request
K0678.05008X020without hole50M812,532,52013 on request
K0678.05008X030without hole50M812,542,53013 on request
K0678.05008X040without hole50M812,552,54013 on request
K0678.05008X050without hole50M812,562,55013 on request
K0678.05010X016without hole50M1014301617 on request
K0678.05010X020without hole50M1014342017 on request
K0678.05010X030without hole50M1014443017 on request
K0678.05010X040without hole50M1014544017 on request
K0678.05010X050without hole50M1014645017 on request
K0678.05010X060without hole50M1014746017 on request
K0678.06008X016without hole60M813,529,51613 on request
K0678.06008X020without hole60M813,533,52013 on request
K0678.06008X030without hole60M813,543,53013 on request
K0678.06008X040without hole60M813,553,54013 on request
K0678.06008X050without hole60M813,563,55013 on request
K0678.06010X016without hole60M1015311617 on request
K0678.06010X020without hole60M1015352017 on request
K0678.06010X030without hole60M1015453017 on request
K0678.06010X040without hole60M1015554017 on request
K0678.06010X050without hole60M1015655017 on request
K0678.06010X060without hole60M1015756017 on request

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