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Hexagon head screws, stainless steel in Hygienic DESIGN

Hexagon head screws, stainless steel in Hygienic DESIGN

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DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4404Version:Polished.Note:The surface of the hexagon head bolt is polished and, with regard to design optimised for the use in hygienic environments.
The bolt head is convex on the top face and the collar has a conical formed top surface.
Instead of troublesome embossing or indentations, the bolt head is smooth with a surface finish of Ra 0.8 µm.
Dirt and residue from products or cleaners seldom adheres and easy cleaning is ensured.
Special features:
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 Datasheet K1411 Hexagon head screws, stainless steel in Hygienic DESIGN 159 kB


Hexagon head screws, stainless steel in Hygienic DESIGN

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K1411.03X06M3733,865,5 on request
K1411.03X08M3733,885,5 on request
K1411.03X12M3733,8125,5 on request
K1411.03X16M3733,8165,5 on request
K1411.03X20M3733,8205,5 on request
K1411.03X25M3733,8255,5 on request
K1411.03X30M3733,8305,5 on request
K1411.04X08M49,23487 on request
K1411.04X12M49,234127 on request
K1411.04X16M49,234167 on request
K1411.04X20M49,234207 on request
K1411.04X25M49,234257 on request
K1411.04X30M49,234307 on request
K1411.04X35M49,234357 on request
K1411.04X40M49,234407 on request
K1411.05X12M510,53,74,7128 on request
K1411.05X16M510,53,74,7168 on request
K1411.05X20M510,53,74,7208 on request
K1411.05X25M510,53,74,7258 on request
K1411.05X30M510,53,74,7308 on request
K1411.05X35M510,53,74,7358 on request
K1411.05X40M510,53,74,7408 on request
K1411.05X45M510,53,74,7458 on request
K1411.05X50M510,53,74,7508 on request
K1411.06X12M613451210 on request
K1411.06X16M613451610 on request
K1411.06X20M613452010 on request
K1411.06X25M613452510 on request
K1411.06X30M613453010 on request
K1411.06X35M613453510 on request
K1411.06X40M613454010 on request
K1411.06X45M613454510 on request
K1411.06X50M613455010 on request
K1411.06X55M613455510 on request
K1411.06X60M613456010 on request
K1411.08X16M816,85,56,51613 on request
K1411.08X20M816,85,56,52013 on request
K1411.08X25M816,85,56,52513 on request
K1411.08X30M816,85,56,53013 on request
K1411.08X35M816,85,56,53513 on request
K1411.08X40M816,85,56,54013 on request
K1411.08X45M816,85,56,54513 on request
K1411.08X50M816,85,56,55013 on request
K1411.08X55M816,85,56,55513 on request
K1411.08X60M816,85,56,56013 on request
K1411.10X20M1020,67,38,32016 on request
K1411.10X25M1020,67,38,32516 on request
K1411.10X30M1020,67,38,33016 on request
K1411.10X35M1020,67,38,33516 on request
K1411.10X40M1020,67,38,34016 on request
K1411.10X45M1020,67,38,34516 on request
K1411.10X50M1020,67,38,35016 on request
K1411.10X55M1020,67,38,35516 on request
K1411.10X60M1020,67,38,36016 on request
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