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Star grips, plastic with protruding steel bush

Star grips, plastic with protruding steel bush

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DescriptionProduct description:The thermoset star grip is distinguished by its closed grip contour. The contact surface of the protruding steel bush is vertical to the thread axis and ensures a firm screw connection. Material:Thermoset PF 31.
Steel grade 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Thermoset black, high-gloss polished.
Metal parts trivalent blue passivated steel or bright stainless steel.
Advantages:Wear resistant contact surface
Closed grip contour
On request:Form H: bush with blind hole
Drawing reference:
Form K: tapped bush
Form L: external thread
Special features:
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 Datasheet K1514 Star grips, plastic with protruding steel bush 185 kB

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Star grips, plastic with protruding steel bush

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K1514.23206steelKM63213,523139,5-12 on request
K1514.24006steelKM64013,5251310-12 on request
K1514.24008steelKM84013,5251310-12 on request
K1514.25008steelKM85019321712-17 on request
K1514.25010steelKM105019321712-17 on request
K1514.26310steelKM106319402015-17 on request
K1514.26312steelKM126319402015-17 on request
K1514.33206stainless steelKM63213,523139,5-12 on request
K1514.34006stainless steelKM64013,5251310-12 on request
K1514.34008stainless steelKM84013,5251310-12 on request
K1514.35008stainless steelKM85019321712-17 on request
K1514.35010stainless steelKM105019321712-17 on request
K1514.36310stainless steelKM106319402015-17 on request
K1514.36312stainless steelKM126319402015-17 on request
K1514.43206X10steelLM63213,523139,510- on request
K1514.43206X15steelLM63213,523139,515- on request
K1514.43206X20steelLM63213,523139,520- on request
K1514.43206X25steelLM63213,523139,525- on request
K1514.43206X30steelLM63213,523139,530- on request
K1514.44008X15steelLM84013,525131015- on request
K1514.44008X20steelLM84013,525131020- on request
K1514.44008X25steelLM84013,525131025- on request
K1514.44008X30steelLM84013,525131030- on request
K1514.44008X40steelLM84013,525131040- on request
K1514.44008X50steelLM84013,525131050- on request
K1514.45010X20steelLM10501932171220- on request
K1514.45010X25steelLM10501932171225- on request
K1514.45010X30steelLM10501932171230- on request
K1514.45010X40steelLM10501932171240- on request
K1514.45010X50steelLM10501932171250- on request
K1514.45010X60steelLM10501932171260- on request
K1514.46312X20steelLM12631940201520- on request
K1514.46312X25steelLM12631940201525- on request
K1514.46312X30steelLM12631940201530- on request
K1514.46312X40steelLM12631940201540- on request
K1514.46312X50steelLM12631940201550- on request
K1514.46312X60steelLM12631940201560- on request
K1514.53206X10stainless steelLM63213,523139,510- on request
K1514.53206X15stainless steelLM63213,523139,515- on request
K1514.53206X20stainless steelLM63213,523139,520- on request
K1514.53206X25stainless steelLM63213,523139,525- on request
K1514.53206X30stainless steelLM63213,523139,530- on request
K1514.54008X15stainless steelLM84013,525131015- on request
K1514.54008X20stainless steelLM84013,525131020- on request
K1514.54008X25stainless steelLM84013,525131025- on request
K1514.54008X30stainless steelLM84013,525131030- on request
K1514.54008X40stainless steelLM84013,525131040- on request
K1514.54008X50stainless steelLM84013,525131050- on request
K1514.55010X20stainless steelLM10501932171220- on request
K1514.55010X25stainless steelLM10501932171225- on request
K1514.55010X30stainless steelLM10501932171230- on request
K1514.55010X40stainless steelLM10501932171240- on request
K1514.55010X50stainless steelLM10501932171250- on request
K1514.55010X60stainless steelLM10501932171260- on request
K1514.56312X20stainless steelLM12631940201520- on request
K1514.56312X25stainless steelLM12631940201525- on request
K1514.56312X30stainless steelLM12631940201530- on request
K1514.56312X40stainless steelLM12631940201540- on request
K1514.56312X50stainless steelLM12631940201550- on request
K1514.56312X60stainless steelLM12631940201560- on request
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